Humans Must Answer


Spaceships, lasers, and lots of futuristic action


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Humans Must Answer is a 2D spaceship arcade game developed by people who worked on the S.T.A.L.K.E.R franchise; in it you are in control of a ship called 'The Golden Eagle' which is manned by a crew of very dangerous chickens.

The dangerous chickens from outer space find the solar system on one of their interstellar trips only to discover that humans are hostile, so they have no choice but to counter attack with all that they’ve got. This is basically the plot behind the chicken adventures in Humans Must Answer.

Gameplay is pretty much the same as in all classic spaceship games. In other words, you basically have to advance through levels that are plagued with enemies as you avoid their shots, destroy obstacles that get in your way, find out a couple of secrets, and slaughter each turn's bosses.

As you advance in the game, you can make improvements to your ship. You can even configure the weapons in any way you want, being able to choose the ones you believe are better suited for each level.

Humans Must Answer's visuals are pretty spectacular with constant explosions and shootings on your screen at all times. The enemy just keeps appearing in constant streams, and with them comes an amazing show.

Humans Must Answer is a very fun spaceship game that blends to perfection all the flavor of the classics, with the look and feel of modern games.

The demo only lets you play the first two levels.

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